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"We BELIEVE if people are willing to accept healing and take ownership for positive change the combination of Juice Plus ®, lifestyle changes and Angel Empowerment Hands on Healing are the key to spiritual, emotional, mental and physical well being."
- Cindy Smith

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Welcome to AEP Wellness Team! 

We believe fuelling your body at a cellular level for optimal health is important and will share how easy it is to take care of your physical with whole food nutrition and the power of our Angel team. How we talk to our body makes a big difference. Our thoughts empower change and we would like to show you how to make change in your own thought process with Healing! We share our story of wellness.


Meet the Leaders

About the Leaders


Cindy Smith


AEP™, AAEP, AEHOH, VF, Master in NLP

Cindy Smith is the founder of Angel Empowerment Practitioner Certification Course™ and co-founder with Dr. Carl Le Roux of the Angel Empowerment Hands on Healing Program.


Cindy assists individuals to understand how easy it is to trust in their own intuition and Divine Guidance, and with Angel Empowerment tools how to own health and wellness by healing and harmonizing every aspect of life and ultimately trusting in self.


With a background in nursing and counseling, a Masters in NLP, Cindy teaches from a wealth of concrete information combined with her intuitive gifts to present a balanced, skilled approach to Angel Empowerment.  Cindy’s life purpose and passion is to teach and states, “One of the most powerful experiences for me as an instructor/healer is to witness individuals ‘Move from I can’t to I can.’”


Cindy is in an instructor/author/inspirational speaker/healer and has recorded over 20 Guided Meditations.


Cindy is excited to share her experience using the combination of Juice Plus products and Angel Empowerment Hands on Healing.  Cindy states, "I started taking Juice Plus products along with lifestyle changes and am thrilled with the changes in my physical, emotional and mental well-being. I feel so different and am truly walking my talk and taking care of me!"


I am honoured to have both Jayena and Barb as Wellness Plus Coordinators to help me share my Juice Plus experience and support everyone in their health journey. 



Barb Kunst

Wellness Plus Coordinator


Barb Kunst has a passion of working with people, she spent many years working in an office and working with Special Needs Children in the classroom.  


Barb is a 100 Club National Marketing Director (NMD) with the Juice Plus Co. making a difference in her health,  which led her to finding her purpose and passion of adding vitality and empowerment  to people’s lives.  She has been involved with Juice Plus for 13 years and has reached the top of the company. 


Barb has learned tools and techniques through the Angel Empowerment Program (AEP), Advanced Angel Empowerment Program (AAEP), and Angel Empowerment Hands on Healing (AEHOH) courses.  She uses AEHOH for personal use with family and friends and a combination of all the courses when working with her team. 


Barb’s mission is to Build Legacies from the ❤️ for people in their health and wealth.


Jayena Collins

Wellness Plus Coordinator


Jayena Collins is CEO/Owner of Dreamcatcher Vitality & Wellness and also a Qualified National Marketing Director (QNMD) with Juice Plus Canada for 10 years.


Jayena’s personal journey of compromised serious health and in addition to a vast amount of chronic disease embedded in generations of her family (including her own children) provides her purpose and passion to Empower People to "Own Their Own” Health & Wellness.


Two years ago Jayena met Cindy Smith and was introduced to the Integrative Modality of Angel Empowerment Hands on Healing (AEHOH).   Jayena is ecstatic to personally experience the "final puzzle piece” in her healing journey and says: “My Full Health Puzzle Is Complete” as her health had successful improvements with the Foundation of Nutrition / Juice Plus in addition to Emotional, Spiritual, Mental & Physical Healing on all Levels!!! She was then guided to train with Cindy as an AEP, AAEP,  and then partner with Dr. Carl Leroux & Cindy to become a Certified Hands on Healing Practitioner (AEHOH).


Coming from a background of 34 years of Parenting, Foster Parenting Children with High Needs & Addictions, Customer Service Banking Officer and Realtor,  she has witnessed and experienced how External, Internal, Financial and Environmental Factors effect Our Overall State of Health and Mental Wellness.  



Wellness Team

Meet the Wellness Team


Lee Mueller


Anita Roth


Surekha Kanzig


Amanda Kindle


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